What locker size do I need?

Our experienced staff is here to help you so just call us and describe what and when you need to store, and we’ll work with you to find the best options for you. If you wish, you can reserve a locker, no obligation, until you can come in to view. You may also refer to our OUR VANCOUVER STORAGE LOCKERS page for the most common size examples.

Can I change my locker size?

With over 50 different locker sizes, from 5 x 5 x 4 ft. high up to 20 x 22 x 11 ft. high, we have a size to suit every need and it’s easy to upsize or downsize anytime as your needs change.

Are the lockers individually alarmed?

Yes, every locker is individually alarmed. Your personal access code tells the elevators which floor to stop on, turns on your entire floor lights and disarms your locker alarm. All activity is locally and remotely logged in real time around the clock.

How high are the storage locker ceilings?

All the storage locker ceilings are either 10 ft. or 11 ft. high and our metal walls are built to the ceiling, with no crawl space.

Are all your lockers ground level accessible?

Yes, all our floors are ground level accessible. There are no rolling stairs, moving ladders or platforms here, because you won’t need them.

Do your storage lockers meet fire and seismic requirements?

Yes, our modern concrete building, with steel storage lockers equipped with sprinkler cages and steel rollup doors is built to strict fire protection and seismic standards.

Are your floors well lit with no dark areas in the hallways?

The building was designed and built by two women who hate dark hallways. Your personal access code turns the entire floor lights on.

Can shelving be placed in the lockers?

Yes, you can place your own shelving in the locker as long as it is not fixed to the walls of the storage locker.

How wide are the rollup doors on your storage lockers?

Our small and medium size lockers have three feet wide rollup doors; our larger storage lockers have eight feet rollup doors, perfect for pallets.

How do I disarm and arm my storage locker alarm?

When you enter your access code at any of our keypads, your unit is disarmed. After you close your unit door completely, your unit rearms itself automatically after a predetermined period of time.

Do you have moving equipment available?

We have complimentary pallet jacks, hand trucks, flat carts and dollies available for your ease.

How large are your elevators?

We have modern cargo size elevators for your use.

What documentation do I need to bring to rent a parking space?

Bring your Owner’s Registration proof and 2 pieces of identification, such as a Drivers License, Care Card, Student Card, including one with a photo and signature. Motorized vehicles must be in “drivable” condition and trailers and other such vehicles must be road worthy.

Are my goods in storage covered by insurance?

We strongly recommend insurance coverage for your goods in storage because nothing in life is guaranteed and it’s always better to be prepared than sorry. You should ask your broker or check your current homeowner’s insurance policy to determine if your items in storage are covered; it might be as simple as adding a rider to your existing policy. Our staff can also recommend a local agency that offers Storage Tenant Insurance tailored to the needs of storage customers.

Is my motorized vehicle covered by insurance?

You should go to any ICBC office and ask for Vehicle in Storage Insurance.